Legal Culture of Modern Society: General Philosophical and Anthropological Analysis of the Category. Talking About the Structure of the Category.

  •  Olga Miroshnichenko    


This article is talking about the structure of legal culture in the sense of philosophical and anthropological approach. General values of the society are presumed to be a basic, main part of legal culture; and legal values are supposed to be just modified common cultural values; thus, legal ideas are a form of common mindset rationalized with law. So, the author proposes to identify the basis of legal culture by eliciting predominant nucleus of common culture of the society.The last part of the research contains the author’s suggestions about an establishment of two-level structure of legal culture that should consist both of folk and state legal cultures. To understand the goal of this differentiation and combination we need to invoke etymology of the studied notion and remember that culture is a method of a nation’s self-identification. The author suggests that only legal culture that comprises both of the stated blocks coexisting in harmony and complementing one another is a real mirror of legal life in any society. Observing and taking into consideration such legal culture, we can achieve the goals of the whole legal regulation: make almost all people who belong to the particular society understand and accept laws created by the public authority.

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