Bridging Social Capital on Facebook as a Platform: A Case Study of Malaysian College Students

  •  Hamedi Adnan    
  •  Samira Mavi    


Bridging social capital is a significant predictor in national solidarity. Although Malaysia is known as a fairlysuccessful multi-ethnic country, it still divides along ethnic and religious lines. The underlying question iswhether Social networking sites like Facebook, carry out contributory agent reinforcing bridging social capitalamong different ethnics. The current research will be functional in filling up these gaps by defining the role ofFacebook in individuals’ bridging social capital among Malaysian college students. An online questionnairesurvey used in this study aimed to evaluate the association between the intensity of using Facebook, bridgingsocial capital and different ethnics and age groups. In conclusion, the amount of use of Facebook is aninsignificant factor affecting online bridging social capital among Malaysian undergraduates.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.