Sing, Dance, and Be Merry: The Key to Successful Urban Development?

  •  Youngwha Kee    
  •  Yunji Kim    
  •  Yoonjin Lee    


This study examines a unique case of urban redevelopment conflict in Seoul, South Korea. The Duriban case is one of the few urban redevelopment cases in South Korea that was peacefully resolved with protection of tenants' rights. The research aimed to answer why this case was peacefully resolved while other redevelopment cases have been contentious and even violent. Through documentary analysis and in-depth interviews with key actors, we identified the following eight categories as important factors: emotional support; sympathy; loose networks or bonds; continued action and volunteerism; place of interaction and bonding; encouragement and motivation for participation; transformation of physical space into a psychological space; and creating a meaningful and symbolic space. The findings highlight how community building through arts and cultural activities can be an important tool for socially just urban redevelopment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.