Counselors’ Spiritual Competence in Malaysia

  •  Mazidah Mohd Dagang    
  •  Raja Zirwatul Aida Raja Ibrahim    
  •  Azlina Abu Bakar    


This paper presents a review of recent study that investigates the level of spiritual competence among registered counselors in Malaysia. This study also examined the different levels of spiritual competence based on demographic factors such as gender, age, religion, ethnicity, educational level and tenure approval. A descriptive survey was conducted by administering questionnaires which was translated from the original survey of "the spiritual competency scale" by Young, Cashwell, Wiggins-Frame and Belaire (2002). A total of 240 registered counselors participated in this study. Results suggest that the majority of the counselors surveyed have a moderate level of spiritual competence with a mean of 3.64. In terms of differences in the level of spiritual competence, this study found no significant differences based on gender, age, education level and years of service. Only the religious and ethnicity factors have a significant difference in the levels of counselors’ spiritual competence. Furthermore, with the findings obtained, some suggestions have been made.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.