Survey of Cross-Cultural Technology Transfer Research

  •  Nguyen Thi Duc Nguyen    
  •  Atsushi Aoyama    


This study aims at reviewing the technology/knowledge transfer literature and identifying which research areas on cross-cultural technology transfer field which should explore to obtain the new insights. With it in mind, the intersection of research fields concerning cross-cultural technology/knowledge transfer, the national culture difference and the extended literature of hybridization in the broad field of cross-cultural management is focused.As a result, this study identifies the five research areas meriting the further research on cross-cultural technology transfer: (1) the impact of cultural differences on technology transfer; (2) management practice factors for achieving efficient technology transfer; (3) the evaluation of current management practices at Japanese manufacturing subsidiaries; (4) the relationship between efficient technology transfer and business performance; and (5) research approach in cross-cultural technology transfer, such as research methodology, viewpoint and theoretical foundation. Accordingly, this study suggests the dimensions for further qualitative and quantitative investigations and the integration of fundamental theories-Hofstede’s national culture, Adler’s hybridization perspective, Abo’s management practice framework and organizational learning view-to underpin the investigating models. Consequently, this study draws the significant ways to answer the prevailing problem of how to implement cross-cultural technology transfer efficiently for achieving the successful business performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.