Categorisation of Public Universities Funding

  •  Abd Rahman Ahmad    
  •  Alan Farley    
  •  Ng Kim Soon    


This paper aims to investigate the impact of Federal Government policy on the categorisation of Malaysian public universities. The results of a quantitative survey questionnaire for major data collection and qualitative focus group interviews confirm that the initiative have an impact on research and teaching activities in Malaysian public universities. It can be concluded that the categorisation of Malaysian public universities play an important role in the development of research and teaching with greater focus on the university core functions. By utilising the results, the most important implications of this research relate to the practical aspects of the administration of public universities in Malaysia particularly during the government funding reforms. Finally, the researchers believe that the categorisation of Malaysian public universities is a rich and complex subject that offers many opportunities for future research including the comparative edge of Research/Apex Universities over other universities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.