Islamic Values and Principles in the Organization: A Review of Literature

  •  Ahmad Rafiki    
  •  Kalsom Abdul Wahab    


This paper attempts to review the literature on the Islamic values and principles in an organization, then presents the importance of its delineated dimensions. Two main theories of Islamic work ethics and practices are discussed comprehensively based on the Qur’anic verses as the ultimate source in Islamic thinking. The review includes the comparison between certain components’ implementations and the views of other religions in several countries. This reveals that each of dimensions are clearly functional in organizations. It suggests that Islamic emphasizes on commercial activities which denied the authors’ opinions on its’ teaching for not governing the materials aspect or success in business performance. The Islamic religion seeks to deliver the goodness to all mankind according to its rules and principles. The integrated system of the Islamic worldview encompasses all aspects of both worldly and hereafter- including the aspect of business.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.