The Effects of Selected Aerobic Exercise Modalities on Self Esteem among Female Students

  •  Norlena Salamuddin    
  •  Mohd Taib Harun    
  •  Sanaa Ali Ahmed Al-Rashed    


Self-esteem is fundamental component in psychological health and is affected with dynamics of physical exercise. This study explore the effects of selected aerobic exercise programs on self esteem and attempts to determine the most effective aerobic exercise program in boosting self-esteem. This study uses the experimental design on a sample of 120 female undergraduate students. The instruments used were the Self-Esteem Scale. Data was analyzed using inferential statistics. t-test conducted shows significant differences in self-esteem score between pretest and posttest in all modalities of aerobic exercise programs. Analysis of variance reveals that there is a significant difference (F=81.299, p<0.01) between the four modalities of aerobic exercise programs, and post hoc test shows that combination of step-dance aerobics and weight training program is most effective in increasing self esteem among female students. Results of this study contribute to developing the role of aerobic exercise in improving self esteem. It is also useful in assisting to develop policies and programs that enhance self esteem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.