The Role of Recreational Sport Toward the Development of Sport Tourism in Indonesia in Increasing the Nations Quality of Life

  •  Sabaruddin Yunis Bangun    


Sport tourism or tourism in sport is a new paradigm in the tourism and sport development in Indonesia. Sport tourism development requires qualified and reliable human resources in designing various kinds of sport activities so that they will become saleable tourism attractions because they possess economic values and become profitable for the country or an area. Tourism and sport are the spearhead of future life which are able to elevate our nation’s dignity in front of other nations of the world. Tourism and sport together with other related activities can trigger new businesses, services and new products. The objective of this article is to explore and explain how will the development of sport tourism in Indonesia through recreational sport be able to increase the life quality of the nation. Hence the coordination and support from all agencies (Government Agencies, College, Main and Branch of Sport Organization, Businessman, Non-Governmental Organization, and Other Community Organization) are required in advancing sport tourism in Indonesia. Sport tourism promotion should cover all activities so that it will orientate on the importance and success. For example conferences, sport and tourism exhibition, recreational sport show, and traditional sport.

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