To Construct Jinzhou as a Secondary Provincial Center City --- Another Alternative of the Regional Economic Development Model in Liaoning Province

  •  Zhiwei Yu    


Regionalization is one of important trends in the development of the world economy. Its development path and development goal are gradually becoming a hot issue concerned and studied by governments of all countries. Construction of a secondary provincial center city has been a new concept in recent years, and also a significant approach to the development of regional economy. Liaoning Province should further search for a new strategy to balance economy of the whole province and expand space for economic escalation in western Liaoning area when maintaining the old economic development strategy. Jinzhou has advantages and foundation for a center city in western Liaoning, and it can be built as secondary provincial center city so as to cooperatively contribute to the development of economy in Liaoning. Meanwhile, it is also of great value to the region of the Bohai Sea and to the national defense security.

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