Discussion on Particularity of Teacher Allocation and Its Direction in Independent Institutes in China

  •  Xiaobai Lv    
  •  Youjun Wu    


It has been a long time that the Ministry of Education in China requires colleges and universities allocate teachers and lecturers according to the number of student enrollment, and gives a unified standard, which is delivered after considering the double functions of teaching and scientific research and considering that teachers should assume the double tasks. Independent institutes in China have appeared in the last few years, which is a brand new organization. Although it is an integral part of China's higher education, its unitary teaching function and its character of training practice-oriented talents determine that its teacher allocation should meet the requirements of the principle of teaching. It differs obviously from traditional colleges and universities in China. This paper puts forward new trains of thought for teacher allocation in independent institutes based on empirical analysis on over ten independent institutes in Hubei Province.

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