The Role of Efficient Urban Governance in Managing Kuala Lumpur City-Region Development

  •  Hamzah Jusoh    
  •  Jalaluddin Abdul Malek    
  •  Azmizam Abdul Rashid    


This paper discuss on the preliminary study on the concept of efficient in urban governance towards managing development of Kuala Lumpur City-Region. City-region development has been a major issue in the country’s latest development agenda. The issue is more obvious in city-region due to its role as an engine of growth economy development. Now, with its sights set on attaining the economic level of a fully developed nation by 2020, Malaysia must focus on securing a credible share of the lead sectors of the globalised economy. Kuala Lumpur City-Region, which is the most developed region in the country and an important catalyst towards national economic growth. How well do urban governance responsible to efficiency and effectiveness of local authorities in city-region? What kind of urban governance is required to enhance competitiveness and earning opportunities within city-region? The main challenge of enhancing city competitiveness in city-region is efficient urban governance. The world today needs a new, comprehensive and holistic model of urban governance that involves all sectors (government, business and the civil society) as equal partners in development. Urban governance which integrates all sectors including public, private and other social organisations in participatory decision making. Efficient urban governance is characterized by sustainability, subsidiarity, equity, efficiency, transparency and accountability, civic engagement and citizenship and security. In line with this, the importance efficient urban governance would make Malaysia more competitive and attractive to investors and facilitate the achievement of the nation’s development goals. Therefore Kuala Lumpur City-Region will manage and govern efficiently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.