Married Women Labor Supply Decision in Malaysia

  •  Rahmah Ismail    
  •  Noorasiah Sulaiman    


In modern living, the participation of female in the labor market is becoming essential for development economy. The higher educational attainment among females makes it easier for them to find jobs and to be involved in the labor market. Nevertheless, the participation of women in the labor market is less prevalent than for men, especially for married women, where family responsibilities and household chores become obstacles for them. This paper attempts to identify the determinants of married women’s participation in the labor market based on 3,520 data collected in 2011 through a field survey. The results from this study show that educational attainment, women’s age and number of children are major determinants of the supply of married women labor. In contrast, husbands’ wage and own wage are insignificantly determined the supply of married women labor in this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.