Sultan Ahmad: The Dilemma between the Local Rebels and British Colonialists in Pahang at the End of the 19th Century

  •  Wan Kamal Mujani    
  •  Amnah Saayah Ismail    
  •  Izziah Suryani Arsyad    
  •  Norshima Zainal Shah    


British colonization over the state of Pahang in the late 19th century resulted in an incident which is known as the Pahang uprising. Introduction of several new systems by the colonialists had caused chaos. The locals, mostly the dignitaries or chieftains who were in close relationship with the Sultan, rebelled against these new enforcements. On the other hand, the Sultan who had to maintain his status quo with the British was in a dilemma. This article looks at the dilemma faced by the ruler and how he maneuvered the crisis; through thorough content analysis of available literature. It is found that Sultan Ahmad was very intelligent, wise and diplomatic in preserving peace and harmony amongst the local people and could still be in the good books of the British. His strategies united the rebels yet he maintained his sovereignty and remained unthreatened by the British.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.