Product Smartness and Use-Diffusion of Smart Products: The Mediating Roles of Consumption Values

  •  Hyun Jung Park    
  •  Hyung Seok Lee    


This study proposes and tests the antecedent effects of product smartness on the consumption values using smart phones. The study also examines the relationship between consumers’ value perception and use-diffusion. Results show that the six smartness dimensions have different impacts on each of the values. Multifunctionality and adaptability are the primary antecedents of functional value perception. Reactivity, humanlike interaction, multifunctionality and adaptability are positively related to perceived emotional value. Both functional and emotional values reinforce higher usage behavior as well as new usage behavior, thereby broadening the applicability of the technology. Consumption values mediate the relationships between some product smartness dimensions and the usage rate. Results also suggest that the smartness features that act as the primary drivers for intense usage are not the same features that drive the decision to use the product in various ways. The findings support the use of differentiated marketing strategies for the use-diffusion of each smart product.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.