Development of Risk Management System in Private School General Education

  •  Pantep Pattanajureepan    
  •  Chaiyuth Sirisuthi    
  •  Subunn Ieamvijarn    


The study aimed to; study current situations and problem, develop the appropriated system, and evaluate the outputs of risk management in/for private school, general education, Thailand. The research designed into three phases based on the objectives of the study and research and development (R&D) was employed. The questionnaires, semi-structured interview forms, and evaluation forms were used as research tools and percentage, means, and standard deviation (SD) were selected for statistical analysis tools. Moreover, Multi-Attribute Consensus Reading (MACR) was employed for pre-system implementation. The research finding showed that—the current situations and problems in risk management in private school today Thailand viewed by four aspects included strategic, operational, financial, and compliance. In the risk management processes divided into five steps consisted of determining the objectives, investigation, assessment, administration, and monitoring and evaluation. The appropriated risk management system was developed with five major factors and 22 sub-factors for inputs. The feedbacks of the developed risk management system implementation showed that the private school administrators and teachers comprehensive aware of risk management in high level. The developed system help to decrease and be able to manage the risks. This results of implementation of the developed risk management system was satisfied by school administration and teachers in high satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.