Tuad Yaita Thabo: People’s Beliefs in Thungwang Subdistrict, Muang District, Songkhla Province

  •  Kuntalee Vaitayavanich    
  •  Sujitra Jorajit    


Tuad Yaita Thabo has been believed in as a sacred entity in the community of Thabo, Thungwang Subdistrict. Formerly, it was a small stucco sculpture, one foot high, located outdoors near a community well. The sacredness of Tuad Yaita Thabo has been formed through a folktale about a holy spirit housed in the figure and any disrespect to this entity was prohibited. It is believed that violation of this prohibition might cause sickness and suffering; however, respect for such a sacred entity could bring contentment as desired. For instance, some community members who encountered life difficulties visited this place to ask for assistance and support and made a pledge to make a votive offering after their life difficulties were solved, raising the reputation of its sacredness within the community. Then, a small pavilion was built to house the sculpture and a religious ritual has been held annually to worship it. The processes of forming the sacredness of Tuad Yaita Thabo have been passed within the community from generation to generation through oral tradition. This revealed the process of creating beliefs in a holy spirit as a unique identity of Thai southerners. Currently, such beliefs as there is in Tuad Yaita Thabo still play important roles as a central moral support, spiritual comfort, and empowerment to community members constantly facing difficulties. Such beliefs also bring about the community unity in order to live in harmony.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.