The Causes of Reduction of the Role in Youth Management According to the Islamic Way among Muslim Leaders in the Three Southern Border Provinces

  •  Hasbullah Tahe    
  •  Kasetchai Laeheem    


This study aimed to investigate causes that reduced the role in youth management according to the Islamic way among Muslim leaders in the three southern border provinces. The data were collected through holding a knowledge management stage for 36 representatives of youth leaders and 36 representatives of Muslim leaders, and in-depth interviews were conducted with 9 youth leaders, and 9 Muslim leaders. The data were analyzed using comparative logic of concepts, theories, research reports, and context based on grounded theory method.The findings of this study revealed that important causes of Muslim leaders’ inability to manage youth according to the Muslim way were that their inadequate qualifications, educational level, not understanding of their role and responsibilities according to Islamic principles. These affected cooperation and work among Muslim leaders, youths’ parents, and related governmental and private organizations. Nevertheless, at present, there are neither organizations nor persons responsible for youth management according to the Islamic way officially and legally, and there is no concrete cooperation in doing it. Therefore, all related parties should seek ways to solve the said problems by designating appropriate strategies in order to increase Muslim leaders’ potential so that they can look after youth efficiently.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.