Brocades of the Southern Cities: Development of Woven Fabric Products in Order to Add Value to Community Economy

  •  Kunthida Nakhasathien    
  •  Kla Somtrakool    
  •  Wisanee Siltrakul    


This qualitative research examines three weaving groups in the South of Thailand. The study analyzes the local wisdom used in the production of brocades in the Southern cities and the problems and methods of market management for brocades of the Southern cities in order to develop products and add value to the community economy. The results identified a number of problems regarding the limited design experience and abilities of weaving group members, the lack of consumer surveys and high production costs for little financial reward. The article highlights various ways in which these problems can be addressed, including focus on quality production of goods specifically selected by the consumer, reduction of manufacturing costs and creation of group logos and branding. By implementing these suggested developments, the weaving groups will add value to their local community economies and protect their handicraft against the challenges of the global economy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.