Future Scenarios Regarding Tablet Computer Usage in Education and Writing

  •  Ruhan Karadag    
  •  Bekir Kayabasi    


Today, one of the most important sources forcing the educational institutions to alteration is the developments in informatics and communication technologies. Among these alterations, the internet and the tablet computers, which may cause a vital transformation in the history of education, are of importance. Making assumptions, based on today, concerning possible situations in the future and evaluating the reflections of the tablet computers, which have recently left a mark on the education process, on the elementary education process have gained importance. In this study, putting forth the future reflections of the tablet computers on the elementary education process is aimed by means of scenarios and predictions. In the study, how using the tablet computers in educational environment will affect the elementary education and to which extends it will, are focused on and predictions regarding the future was made. Suggestions were given to educators in the light of the findings presented as a result of the study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.