Communication and Leadership Skills: A Comparative Study of the Malay Language Specialization Trainee Teachers in Malaysia

  •  Nur Ehsan Mohd Said    
  •  Zamri Mahamod    
  •  Anisah Alias    


This research was conducted to compare generic skills involving the Malay language specialization students in Malaysia from two higher education institutions: a public university (PU) and a teacher training institute (TTI). The two skills investigated to study the 127 participants were communication skills and leadership skills. From the total number, 77 participants were from the PU and the remaining 50 from the TTI. The MyGSI instrument was employed to measure the skills and data were analyzed and reported into mean value. The findings suggested an acceptable account of mastery among the trainee teachers in both skills even though a higher proficiency was evident among the PU students. The study implicated 1) a further in-depth research on the syllabus of these institutions as to how the results were not at variance, 2) an effort for a standardization of an improved syllabus to encourage the production of excellent teachers across schools in Malaysia, and 3) a portfolio assessment among the students where the display of generic skills through program participation and management by the trainee teachers is graded officially by the training institutions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.