Assessing ICT Competencies among Postgraduate Students Based on the 21st Century ICT Competency Model

  •  Mazalah Ahmad    
  •  Aidah Abdul Karim    
  •  Rosseni Din    
  •  Intan Safinas Mohd Ariff Albakri    


Assessing the ICT competency among Postgraduate students in the Higher Learning Institutions (HLI) is crucial. Therefore this paper presents in detail the process of developing an instrument to assess the competency in ICT which is called ICTC-Test (Information Communication Technology Competency Test). The details are on the utilization of the seven domains in the 21st Century ICT Competency Model to determine the competency level among students. The development of the items in ICTC-Test is based on the application of the performance-based assessment and the task-based assessment. The assessment of ICT competency using ICTC-Test is different compared to existing instruments where ICTC-Test changes the focus in assessing the competency in ICT from the ability to use and maintain the hardware, software and network to competency in ICT that includes technical ability and cognitive skills. Moreover, ICTC-Test also integrates the five generic skills highlighted in MQF which are critical thinking skill, problem solving skill, information technology and communication skill, communication and management skill.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.