The Issues in Implementing Transition Program for Special Needs Students

  •  Aliza Alias    


This study is to determine the challenges and barriers faced by the special education teachers in implementing transition program for special needs students in Malaysian secondary schools. The issues that will be discussed are obstacles to the success of planning, training and placing the special needs students in the real working environment from the teachers’ perspective. The study found that these students posed attitude problems during training sessions, lacked commitment to attend training sessions and faced difficulties adjusting to working environment. Apart from that, the teachers agreed that finding workplaces for students with special needs to gain working experience outside the school and the employers’ readiness to accept trainees with learning disabilities are two issues that are crucially in need to be dealt with wisely. Even though there are many issues in implementing the transition program, the teachers are still very dedicated not only in monitoring the students’ progress but also in ensuring the well-being of the students at their working environment during internships.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.