The World-View of Penan Community on Quality of Life

  •  Novel Lyndon    
  •  A. C. Er    
  •  Sivapalan S.    
  •  Hasnah Ali    
  •  Rosniza A. C. R.    
  •  Azima A. M.    
  •  Junaidi A. B.    
  •  Fuad M. J.    
  •  Mohd Yusoff Hussein    
  •  A. R. Mohd Helmi    


The issues of poverty among the Penan communities are often associated with the development policies and government policies that are too forward thinking and living experience that goes beyond the Penan community understands on quality of life. Accordingly, the main objective of this study is to examine the concept of quality of life based on the Penan community’s construction. By exploring their own worldview on life, daily life activities, and social environment, their relationship with the environment and culture and belief system will be elucidated using an abductive research strategy. This is because social reality is seen as a social construction by actors. The study population comprised of the Penan communities living in Long Urun Resettlement in Belaga District, Sarawak. Purposive sampling technique was used in this study. A total of 50 household heads were interviewed using in-depth interview. Focus group discussions were conducted with the Belaga District Officer, Belaga District Health Officer, Belaga District Education Officer, Primary School Teachers, community leaders and religious leaders of the Penan community. The results showed the accessibility of facilities and infrastructure are the themes that resonate as prominent features for the community, followed by the theme of community, resources and environment, physical and psychological well-being, family relationships, participation, and capability in order to understand the meaning of quality of live from the Penan community world-view. In short, the objective indicators of quality of life still remains a key feature compared with subjective indicators or non-material aspects of life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.