Occidentalism and Latin Language: The Lingua Franca of Knowledge

  •  Ahmad Rizal M. Y.    
  •  A. C. Er    
  •  R. Zuliskandar    
  •  Mohd Fuad M. J.    
  •  A. B. Junaidi    
  •  Muhammad Asri M. A.    
  •  N. Lyndon    


The Western Civilization has contributed so much effort to academic realm. However, the focus of contribution is mainly to the general process of knowledge construction without looking particularly into important aspects of it. This article examines the use of Latin Language in three disciplines, science, social science and humanities. This study adopts three strategies to investigate the use of The Latin language in three major disciplines; the Latin course, material collection and content analysis. The use of Latin in Science (zoology and botany), Law, Philosophy and Writing has shown a very significant role in order to assist the process of knowledge construction. The analyses show that Latin supports the knowledge construction process and it does help to assist the expansion of knowledge that is based on Western Civilization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.