Mobile Learning: What Guidelines Should We Produce in the Context of Mobile Learning Implementation in the Conflict Area of the Four Southernmost Provinces of Thailand

  •  Sariya Binsaleh    
  •  Muazzan Binsaleh    


Existing typical room based learning in the four southernmost provinces of Thailand includes several limitations. Physical security is the key issue when making journeys to schools and universities and the destruction of physical buildings also poses concrete limitations to existing room based learning in the affected area. With this phenomenon, the accessibility to physical room based class is problematic and limited. In contrast, the accessibility to mobile networks is getting wider; accessibility to mobile devices is also getting cheaper and easier along the time, thus the investigation on how mobile learning could benefits the learners should be conducted. Consequently the research objectives were constructed which are (1) to estimate the current situation in the four southernmost provinces of Thailand, (2) to identify the limitations of existing room based learning affected by the unrest situation in the area, (3) to explore information from government sources and published papers about mobile technology used in the southernmost provinces of Thailand and (4) to construct initial guidelines and recommendations framework when using mobile technology as a learning environment in the school system of the southernmost provinces of Thailand. In order to achieve these objectives, the literature analysis, focus groups, and semi-structured interviews were conducted. From the analysis of the data collected, it was found that the utilization of mobile technology in the four southernmost provinces of Thailand currently still far behind the idea of what mobile learning technology should be. There are several limitations and thus certain guidelines for the mobile learning implementation should be produced.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.