The Most Effective Kinds of Parents on Children’s Academic Achievement

  •  Zahra Parsasirat    
  •  Mona Montazeri    
  •  Fatimah Yusooff    
  •  Nasrudin Subhi    
  •  Salina Nen    


One of the most important determinant aspects of children’s outcome is parenting. The baby who is born doesn’t have any knowledge about the world so the family can be considered as a first teacher.The objective of this research was to determine the relationship between Baumrind’s three perceived paternal and maternal parenting styles (authoritative, authoritarian & permissive) with academic achievement among Iranian high school students who were between the ages 15 to 17. The total numbers of participants were 546 who included 249 males and 297 females. Participants were selected using proportional stratified and multi-stage cluster random sampling. They filled two questioners, Parental Authority Questionnaire (PAQ) developed by Buri (1991), and self-demographic report which included their current Grade Point Average. In this study academic achievement was dependent variable and subscales of parenting style were independents ones. A noteworthy positive relationship between authoritative parents with academic achievements was shown by Pearson’s correlation. Authoritative parents were determined as the best predicator for dependent variables by standard multiple regression. In contrast, based on students’ academic achievement, the approximate mean score of the three paternal and maternal parenting styles were similar. By considering students’ academic achievement, an independent t-test expressed no differences between male and female students. There are several implications for the Ministry of Education, Administrators of schools, and Parents, which are discussed at various levels.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.