Thai Musical Instruments: Development of Innovative Multimedia to Enhance Learning among Secondary Level Education Students (M.1 to M.3) in Bangkok

  •  Prapassorn Tanta-o-Pas    
  •  Songkoon Chantachon    
  •  Marisa Koseyayothin    


Thai music is a part of Thai cultural heritage that has been accumulated and inherited over time. Value should be placed on the knowledge and conservation of Thai music so that it may exist in modern Thai society. This research is a cultural research with three aims: a) to study the historical background of Thai music; b) to study the problems, requirements and methods of learning for Thai music; c) to develop innovative multimedia to enhance learning of Thai music. The results of the research found that Thai music is derived from local Thai wisdom and is a part of cultural heritage that has unique characteristics and formats to clearly indicate its Thai identity. The success of Thai music teaching is dependent on the interest of the students and different forms of multimedia are tools that can create stimulation and enhance learning of the subject. The development of innovative multimedia to increase learning of Thai music among secondary level education students is an important method in safe-guarding this vital part of national cultural heritage for future generations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.