Mor Lam Mu Dancing Groups: A Career Conservation and Development Model

  •  Piyasuda Pecharawech    
  •  Sastra Laoakka    
  •  Pattamawadee Chansuwan    


Mor Lam Mu is a performance art specific to Northeastern Thailand and is particularly popular in the provinces of Khon Kaen and Maha Sarakham. This research analyses the background and conditions of Mor Lam Mu with the specific aims of studying the adaptation and maintenance of dancing careers in Mor Lam Mu and creating a conservation and development model for dancing careers in Mor Lam Mu. The research finds that careers in Mor Lam Mu are becoming increasingly popular as people return to the Northeast in the wake of economic crisis and natural disaster. However, with increasing numbers of performers and the higher competition they generate, modern Mor Lam Mu ensembles have to respond to social and cultural changes in order to survive. This means that the original customs have had to be altered and the traditions of Mor Lam Mu are in danger of disappearing. The development model created according to the results of this study can be used to conserve and promote careers in Mor Lam Mu dancing groups so that they may harmonize traditional customs and modern trends in the future.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.