The Discussion about the Common Psychological Barriers and Its Transformation of Female Students in Colleges in the PE Teaching

  •  Liu Li    


Physical education (PE) in colleges is a part of college education system, the quality of the PE class of the female students will directly affect their corporeity, the whole school`s physical education and even the quality of the cultivation of talents in colleges. So we should pay more attention on the quality of college female students’ PE class. Generally speaking, the age of college female students is ranking from17 to 23, which is close to or have reached the age of adults. Differences exist between girls and boys both physiologically and psychologically during this time. So we should firstly solve problems mentally if we want to have a PE class for female students in which they can do efficiently. We should deal with those problems in a reasonable way, motivate their enthusiasm to have a PE class, cultivate their interests towards PE and urge them to form a habit of exercise consciously according to the girls’ physiological characteristics and the physiological barriers that affect their interests to the class. According to the physiological barriers the college girls showed in the PE class, the author makes the following analysis and study.

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