The Effects of Group Study Activities on the Reduction of Bullying Behaviors among Islamic Private School Students in Songkhla Province

  •  Kasetchai Laeheem    


The purposes of this study were to explore the effects of group study activities on the reduction of bullying behaviors among Islamic private school students in Songkhla Province. This experimental study was conducted with 200 students divided into two groups: 100 students in the experimental group and the other 100 students in the control group. They were selected through simple random sampling. The experimental group participated in group study activities while the control group participated in religious activities of their schools. The study employed a true experimental pretest-posttest design. The data collecting instrument was a risk bullying behavior screening form, and the data were analyzed by finding the mean, standard deviation, and using a t-test.The results of the study revealed that students who participated in group study activities and those participated in school religious activities were not different in their bullying behaviors. The students participating in group study activities had statistically less bullying behaviors than those participating in Islamic religious activities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.