Barriers to Start-Up the Business among Students at Tertiary Level: A Case Study in Northern States of Peninsular Malaysia

  •  Azyyati Anuarq    
  •  Ida Normaya Mohd Nasir    
  •  Firdaus Abdul Rahman    
  •  Daing Maruak Sadek    


At university level, students are encouraged and expectant to create an entrepreneurial culture where they need to experience on how to operate the business inside the campus. This was also to aid the university in producing graduates who can help meet the government’s aspiration of turning Malaysia into a high-income country. Therefore, students are played a significant role as a novice entrepreneur in order to accomplish Vision of 2020. Generally, we have seen some of the research highlights the importance of entrepreneurship education, the effectiveness of entrepreneurship training and also seen the entrepreneurship has been taught in the class but unlikely, they do not fully utilized the given knowledge to practice it. The objectives of this paper is to identify the barriers faced by students for various departments to start-up the business at the IPTA’s in northern region that concise of three variables; personality traits, entrepreneurial skills and micro level. The target population of this study is all students in higher institutions in northern region including UiTM Kedah, UiTM Pulau Pinang, UiTM Perlis, UiTM Perak, USM, UNIMAP and UUM. The expected outcome is to expose a student on how to start-up the business and experiencing the challenges of entrepreneurial environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.