The Technique of “Plan Do Check and Act” to Improve Trainee Teachers’ Skills

  •  Rr. Sri Kartikowati    


The purpose of this research was to discover the contribution of the use of PDCA (Plan Do Check and Act) on the enhancement in the score of the teaching skills as the measurement of a professional teacher. The study was also undertaken to investigate on the dominant teaching skills that were used in each of the teaching steps. The research sample consisted of 12 teacher candidates who participated in the lecture of Micro Teaching at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in the round semester in 2012. The 12 teacher trainees were divided into four groups. The application of the PDCA circle was started from the level of the Preparation as the form of Plan, the Implementation level as Do, the level of monitoring process by the group members and teacher supervisor as the form of Check, and the level of small group reflections as the form of Act. The study employed mixed approach design. The method of analysis highly depended on the intensity of the reflections which was in line with the findings from FGD which analyzed the data based on the quality check points. The findings showed that although the application of the PDCA circle in the lecture of Micro Teaching gives the contribution of about 2.54 at the scale of 1 to 4; however, the contributions of the PDCA system to each of the groups indicated different score achievements. The reflection discussion of each group contributed to the enhancement of the teaching skills in the teachers. It was also found that every teaching step was dominated by different teaching skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.