Mapping Development of Open Innovation Visually and Quantitatively: A Method of Bibliometrics Analysis

  •  Weiguang Wang    
  •  Jing Tang    


Open innovation has become one of the hottest fields in innovation management. Although some reviews have been done to conclude the work of open innovation study, however, few of them were conducted quantitatively as well as visually. From a perspective of bibliometrics analysis, this article depicted a map of development of open innovation study with the help of CiteSpace II. Most important references and authors about open innovation study were picked out objectively according to their ranks and the visualization. The process of open innovation development was described and the newest topics in recent years are highlighted to help understand history of open innovation and do further study in this field. Also, according to the trend study, the current stage of open innovation study was estimated and the trends of recent future were forecasted.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.