The Skills of Using History Textbooks in Secondary School

  •  Abdul Razaq Ahmad    
  •  Mohd Mahzan Awang    
  •  Ahmad Ali Seman    
  •  Ramle bin Abdullah    


This study aims to explore the quality of Malaysian history textbooks from the perspectives of teachers and students as well as to identify the skills of using history textbooks among teachers and students. The survey respondents comprised of one hundred teachers and one hundred students that were randomly selected from national secondary schools in Malaysia. The survey used questionnaire as an instrument to collect data. Data analysis involves descriptive and inferential statistics. The results show that Malaysian history textbooks are not only used as a reference, but also as teaching aids. Although the majority of teachers and students are satisfied with the quality of textbooks, the following aspects have become an issue: quality of language, illustrations and repetition of topics. The skills of using textbooks among teachers and students are average. Overall, this study showed that teachers are not fully proficient in using the history textbooks especially in creativity and integrating the content of the textbooks with the information and communication technology (ICT). Results also showed that there was no significant difference between genders in using textbooks. This study recommends that the Ministry of Education of Malaysia should organise special training for enhancing the skills of using history textbooks for both teachers and students. This will guarantee that the history textbooks are used effectively.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.