Parent-Child Communication and Self Concept among Malays Adolescence

  •  Asbah Razali    
  •  Nur Azah Razali    


This research was conducted to determine the relationship between children’s communication with their parents and self concept among Malay adolescence. The Questionnaire of Communication Exercise for Teenagers (1971) was used to measure the level of communication between child and parents whiles the second questionnaire, Harter Self Perception Profile for Adolescents Scale (1986) was used to measure the child’s self concept. This quantitative descriptive study selected 300 consist adolescence aged 15-16 years. Random sampling was used to select the sample.The results showed that there has a relationship between children communication with parents and adolescent self concept. According to this study, the results of the study seem to describe that Malay society is still maintaining the societal pattern that is collectivistic in nature. What is most interesting is that the results of the study also describe how Malay society still maintains the traits of societal life that emphasize on harmony even in communication. This is because Malays have their own method in conveying their thoughts. This proves that families in Malay society place more importance in familial relations, family gatherings, cooperation during feasts, sharing and emphasize on mutual rights in all aspects of life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.