Labor Migration to the Middle-East and Maladjustment with Social Environment: A Study in a Rural Village in Bangladesh

  •  Mohammad Mostufa Kamal    
  •  A.B.M. Enamol Hassan    
  •  Muhammad Shafiul Alam    
  •  Md. Shahidul Islam    


This paper explores all kinds of problems faced by labor migrants under the three major aspects of life i.e social, economic and psychological factors. During the time of post migration, the emigrants face various kinds of socio-economic problems that increase maladjustment with their social environment especially in collecting livelihoods, interactions with other people and also in their attitudes as well as perceptual organizations. In addition, it was observed that there were also changing patterns, having occurred in life style of other family members of migrants. The main investigations were based on whole sphere of life of migrants and their family members in respect of income, expenditure, ability to save money, investment, job attitudes, as well as intra and inter family relationships etc. Stratified sampling procedure had been followed in this study. Structured questionnaire was designed and case study was pursued also to collect necessary information and evidence. Likert Scale has been used to measure attitudes of head of the households of respective families of Sultanpur Village. The findings indicate that though international labor migration changes economic conditions of rural people of Bangladesh by its remittance but this positive change is being occurred for short term only and other aspects of life namely social, psychological that are essential parts of life are being hampered rigorously in the long term.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.