Appraisal of the Sport Facilities Maintenance Management Practices of Malaysian Stadium Corporations

  •  Mohd Taib Harun    
  •  Norlena Salamudin    
  •  Hasnul Faizal Hushin    


This study is aimed to obtain important information related to maintenance management practices of public sports facilities managed by the Stadium Corporation in Malaysia. Important information such as key features, facility maintenance information and level of effectiveness is the main focus of the study. The finding of this study is part of an ongoing study, which focuses on the information of maintenance management carried out by Stadium Corporation agency. Survey questionnaires were distributed to 7 Stadium Corporation and involving 34 key personnel who are directly involved in the sports facilities maintenance management, such as general managers, managers, officers, engineers, assistant engineers and supervisors of sports facilities. The percentage of maintenance management effectiveness is calculated from the good practice of each main maintenance success factors. From the score of maintenance success factors, results showed that 85.3% of Stadium Corporation in Malaysia is rated moderately satisfactory, 2.9% excellent and 11.8% is at an unsatisfactory level. This study is expected to help provide important information that can help administrators understand the issues related to the maintenance management of sports facilities, thus helping to improve the level of sports facility maintenance management in Malaysia to greater heights.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.