Outstanding Students’ Learning Strategies in Learning English at Riau University, Indonesia

  •  Fakhri Ras    


The aim of this study was to evaluate and validate language learning strategies used by excellent students based on gender, socio-economy, types of school, and academic background in the English Studies Programme at Riau University, Pekanbaru. This study investigates students’ reading strategies in terms of memory, cognitive, compensation, metacognitive, affective and social. This study comprehensively investigates excellent students’ learning strategies in reading. One hundred and one subjects who are studying and doing well in the English Education programme were recruited for this study. The data were analyzed using a descriptive statistic with min. For this study the data were collected using questionnaire to explore the learning strategies of excellent students. A pilot study was conducted to increase the reliability of the instrument used and was assessed using cronbach alpha and value was between 0.82 and 0.91. The findings show different language learning strategies among the students based on gender, ethnic group, parents' income, and academic results in secondary school. It was found that there was no significant difference in learning strategies among excellent students based on types of school. This study This finding has important implications for various parties in educational sector to cooperate in their effort to develop and improve the students' learning strategies in order to produce quality human capital.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.