Application of the Water and Oil Repellent Finishing Agent EX-910E in Polyester Nonwovens

  •  Yiwei Du    
  •  Ke Li    
  •  Jianfei Zhang    
  •  Daoguang Yang    


By the experiment, the optimal technological conditions that the water and oil repellent finishing agent EX-910E is applied in polyester nonwovens were confirmed. The technological conditions include that EX-910E usage is 40g/l, the bridging agent F-2921E usage is 6g/l, the pre-curing condition is 100?× 2/3min, and the curing condition is 160?× 2.5 min. The results of the experiment indicated that the nonwovens finished by the optimal conditions possessed good water and oil repellent effects.

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