Grammatical Parallelism in the Translation of Advertising Texts with Particular Reference to English and Arabic

  •  Mohammad Issa Mehawesh    


Advertising is a specific genre which uses many techniques to persuade no matter the circumstances. One of the techniques used in advertising is grammatical parallelism. This study is generally intended to investigate and describe grammatical parallelism in the translation of advertising texts with particular reference to English and Arabic. The study should also provide an insight into the techniques of advertising in two different cultures in order to demonstrate that the cultural background is evident in advertising. Furthermore, the study will point up some of the main problems posed by the translation of advertising texts, taking into consideration that advertising translation, both production and products, is a part of a socio-cultural system. We will also focus mainly on the textual part, particularly, grammatical parallelism in the translation of English and Arabic advertisements. We will draw in defining and describing grammatical parallelism on Jakobson model (1960).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.