A Development Model of Organizational Culture Management Systems for Private Schools in the Isan Region of Thailand

  •  Jaturong Pongsiri    
  •  Songkoon Chantachon    
  •  Kosit Phaengsoi    


Northeastern private schools are an important part of the Thai education system. This qualitative research assesses the background of, current conditions in and problems with organizational culture management systems for private schools in the Isan region of Thailand. The information found that most private schools use an achievement cultural model and that the management system of private schools is in four areas: a) academic management; b) human resources management; c) budget management; d) information or general management. However, private schools are placed at a disadvantage to government schools by their lack of unified management, causing the levels of efficiency and student quality to suffer. This research outlines a development model to help create a private school management system with more efficiency, which will raise the level of quality education that students receive.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.