Conservation and Perpetuation of the Art of Dance for Worshipping Phra That in the Isan Region

  •  Saowarut Thotsa    
  •  Urarom Jantamala    
  •  Patamawadee Chansuwan    


The sacred chedi of northeastern Thailand are important centres of cultural and spiritual heritage. Once every year, the local communities gather together at holy ceremonies and perform dances to worship and respect the hallowed buildings and their surrounding areas. It is a quirk of modernity that the adaptations being made to harmonize the dances with current society are the very changes that are killing them. This research considers the background and current conditions of worship dances in northeastern Thailand to suggest a model for their future conservation. The investigation ultimately shows how cultural diffusion can ensure the continued existence of this priceless art form.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.