Tampering with Qur'anic True Meanings of Miracles

  •  Mohammad Ahmad Alkuran    


Lack of reference in the Holy Qur'an to the verses that Allah intended to be taken either literally or allegorically has left the door open for some sectarian interpreters to deliberately ignore the Qur'anic literal meaning and opt only for the allegorical meanings, with a view of distorting the underlying significance of this great book. This paper does not intend to show that the literal meaning is invariably given pre-eminence over the allegorical meaning. Rather, it intends to demonstrate that some interpreters are prone only to allegorical interpretation just to skew the true message of the Qur'an and minimize its worth. The paper will expose the misinterpretations of Ahmad Ali and his fellows concerning miracles of Ibrahim, Moses, David, and Solomon as a representative sample of the study. Then it ends by refuting the metaphorical approach of interpretation, especially when the miracles are in question.

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