Information-Sharing-Based Linkage Mechanism: Pre-Warning and Relief of West China Sudden-Onset Disasters

  •  Jianghua Luo    
  •  Ane Wang    
  •  Dong Yang    


Information absence and communication discontinuity affect the efficiency of pre-warning and relief in those West China sudden-onset disasters and social mass incidents. It’s urgent to figure out how to monitor the fragile nature ecology by using the platform of GIS and database and how to enhance the effective communication between government and the people by the rational utilization of internet work. To construct an information-sharing based linkage mechanism, the government should cooperate with social forces, grassroots communities and schools, and respect the value of traditional information approaches in ethnic culture. The intensive use of modern information technology can help dig various groups’ intelligence to avoid information absence. By integrating academic research sources related to sudden-onset disasters and forming a knowledge network of disasters prevention and control, we can make the decisions of pre-warning and relief more open and transparent.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.