The Management of Water Points in Niger under the Communalization

  •  Zakari Aboubacar    


This paper seeks to analyze the management of water points in Niger according to the communalization process. It explains how the new reform of management in the supply of water, as a government policy, in the local areas raises new issues in Sahel and Niger countries. It looks into the issue of water supply which is at the heart of public policy to the countryside. It analyzes not only the importance of water points in Niger but also some sources of concern in the use according to the different logics involved. The paper further relates the role of media in social change according to the using of water in order to protect climate change. The paper concludes that, if, the aim for central and local authorities is to achieve local development, the confrontation between these two approaches must contribute to achieve the desired effect. The paper recommends that in order to solve this social problem, the mayors and central authorities must take into consideration the reaction of the different actors and should install in all the country the Land Commission under the Rural Safety Program.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.