Computer Crimes in the Jordanian Society: Ajloun/Empirical Study

  •  Mohammad. M. Hussainat    


The study aimed identifying the most important computer crimes and Internet in the Jordanian society, has emerged from this main objective questions are: 1) What is the size of the breakthroughs that crimes committed on the Internet? 2) What is the size of the financial crimes committed on the Internet? 3) What is the size of crimes create or attend or participate in the opposition or hostile websites committed on the Internet? 4) What is the size of piracy crimes committed on the Internet? The sample of the study. It consisted of (50) individual youth(Males and Females).Order to answer the first question and the second, third and fourth were used averages and standard deviations and ranks with the aim of identifying the most common Internet crimes. And extract duplicates for the purposes of description of the sample. In light of the results of the study the researcher recommended a series of proposals, it was the most important media awareness, create a specialty of information security, which will provide a dedicated staff continues cyber crimes and suggest solutions studied to reduce them. Besides a deterrent laws that prevent poor souls from committing crimes via the Internet.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.