Development of a Model for Organizing Cultural Activities to Study Buddhist Teachings at Temples in Bangkok, Thailand

  •  Phrakhru Pariyattithammakhun Piwsa    
  •  Kla Somtrakool    
  •  Anchalee Jantapo    


Buddhism is an intrinsic feature of Thai culture. With a ninety percent Buddhist population, Thailand has been built around the principles of Dharma. These principles have traditionally been taught to the local community by temples, through a variety of different activities. Recently, however, Thai society has adopted an increasing number of Western cultural features that have caused the importance of traditional Buddhist activities to decline. This research tries to understand the reasons for the decline of community interest in local Buddhist activities in Bangkok, so to propose a model for the organization of such activities and ensure that they are not lost to future generations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.