Strategies Study on How to Achieve Good Teaching Quality for Teachers in Multi-campus Education

  •  Jianchun Chen    


With the development of society and new epoch, more and more multi-campus universities come out. Many colleges and universities have more than one campus because of merging of universities and construction of university's new campus. And this has caused a series of problems. The problem about multi-campus has become a key research field in the development of higher education. It has a great effect on sustainable development of higher education in China. At present, people focus on the study of management question fundamental research about multi-campus. This article tries to analyze how to achieve good teaching quality as a teacher in multi-campus education according to the basic principles of education and teaching. College teacher should pay attention to the phenomenon inwardly, and try to put into practice. And college teacher should also adopt flexible and various teaching methods according to the ideological level and learning ability of students and the learning environment in different campus. Good teaching quality would be achieved in different multi-campus.

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