A Form of Conservation and Inheritance for Ceremonial Dance in Ancient Ruins of Southern Isan

  •  Manutsawee Srirachlao    
  •  Patamawadee Chansuwan    
  •  Urarom Jantamala    


Ceremonial dance in ancient ruins of southern Isan is a part of culture that has been visible in Thailand since antiquity. Despite changes to the social and cultural landscape of the nation, ceremonial dance has been preserved, although the latest waves of modernity are threatening to destroy the art form. It is now vitally important for local communities to conserve and pass on knowledge of their rituals and customs to future generations. This qualitative research examines the background and current conditions of ceremonial dance culture in order to suggest a model for future preservation, which can be employed by local communities to prevent the disappearance of this ancient art.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.